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​Karen Long, BSc.Ost.

Karen graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009.

She gave up a career in the health and fitness industry where she worked as a fitness instructor, a personal trainer and in management. She was also a passionate rower, competing in National Championships, and an equally passionate skier, having been an instructor for some years. This led to a good understanding of sporting injuries and rehabilitation, and began an interest in the relationship between the structure, function and overall health of the body, leading naturally to a wish to qualify and practice as an osteopath. 

During training she gained experience in a wide variety of specialist clinics, and after qualifying Karen moved to the Notley area of Essex. Since then she has been commuting and working for Stowmarket Osteopaths, a group practice in Suffolk.  She treats a wide variety of patients with both acute and chronic medical conditions and pain, from farmers, sportsmen to office workers, and of all ages, from children to the elderly.

She enjoys the challenge of this complicated subject.

As her children reach school age, Karen has now decided to start her own practice as well as keeping up her work in Suffolk.

Karen undertakes regular post graduate training, including in cranial osteopathy, muscle energy and manual therapy. she is currently participating in a mindfulness and chronic patient management. 

She has a keen interest in classical osteopathy and in complex chronic patients. She loves people, and has a direct approach. Karen will give an honest appraisal and explanation of your problems and will support you on your journey to recovery, using a mixture of techniques including massage, inhibition, cranial, fascial, articulation and manipulation.  

She loves to practice Osteopathy because she feels the profession has a holistic approach, and considers the patient as a whole. It considers the interactions of the whole body and, while sticking to its principles, is willing to move forward and progress.