First Visit

The first visit usually last between  45 minutes to 1 hour for an adult and up to an hour for children under 16.  Follow up consultations are usually between 30 – 45  minutes,  although this may vary depending on your needs.
Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Adults are welcome to bring in a friend or partner to the treatment

Disabled access

We have a ground floor treatment room with disabled access

What to wear 
As part of the examination, we will ask you to go through a range of movements. You may be asked to undress to underwear but if you are at all uncomfortable with this, please let us know. We can usually work with loose, light clothing such as sports wear.

Case History
The Osteopath will take a thorough case history about the presenting problem and gain an understanding of the underlying reasons for it. The osteopath will also ask about your past medical history and general health as this may influence the type of treatment that is appropriate to your condition.

The examination will probably require you to go through a range of movements to examine the affected area in relation to your posture and the body as a whole. The osteopath may also check tendon reflexes and blood pressure, if required.

Treatment Plan
The Osteopath will then discuss the findings with you and propose a treatment plan. Your first visit will include treatment but if your case is particularly complicated, we may ask you to return for a follow up. This will be explained to you at the time.

Does Osteopathy Hurt?
Osteopathy causes little or no pain. For 24 to 48 hours after the treatment you may experience some minor discomfort or aggravation of your symptoms. This is a normal part of your body’s response to the treatment. If you are uncertain about your body’s response please feel free to contact us on the practice phone number. It is common for the full benefit of the treatment to be felt after 2 to 3 days.

Karen Long  07444  381901